IVG 2400 Puffs Disposable Vape Pod Pen

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IVG 2400 Puffs Disposable Vape Pod Pen


IVG 2400 Puffs Disposable Vape Pod Pen

Introducing the IVG 2400 Puffs Disposable Vape Pod Pen, a revolutionary vaping device designed to deliver long-lasting satisfaction with minimal environmental impact. With its built-in 1500mAh non-rechargeable battery, this innovative pen offers an impressive 2400 puffs, ensuring extended use without the need for frequent charging. Unlike traditional disposable vapes, the IVG 2400 is 75% more environmentally friendly, reducing plastic and battery waste, making it an eco-conscious choice for vapers. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced user, this vaporizer pen promises the ultimate vaping experience, courtesy of IVG's commitment to quality and innovation.

Product Features:

- Up to 2400 Puffs: Enjoy an extensive vaping experience with each device, providing ample puffs for prolonged usage.

- 1500mAh Battery: A powerful built-in battery ensures long-lasting performance, eliminating the need for frequent recharges.

- Draw Activated: The device is activated by inhaling, offering a seamless and user-friendly vaping experience without the need for buttons.

- Non-Rechargeable Battery: Designed for one-time use, this disposable vape pen offers convenience without the hassle of charging or maintenance.


Explore range of different flavours such as:

Berry lemonade ice

Blackcurrant lemonade

Blackcurrant menthol

Blue edition

Blue raspberry ice

Blue razz cherry

Blueberry fusion

Classic menthol

Cola lime

Fizzy cherry

Fresh mint menthol mojito

Grape ice

Heavenly drops

Ice pop

Lemon &lime

Peach mango ice

Pineapple ice


Blue Edition Flavours:

  • Blue Raspberry Ice

  • Blueberry Fusion 

  • Ice Pop

  • Professor Blue

Pink Edition Flavours:

  • Strawberry Ice

  • Strawberry Watermelon

  • Strawberry Mint Menthol Mojito 

  • Watermelon Ice 

Yellow Edition Flavours:

  • Fresh Mint Menthol Mojito

  • Lemon and Lime

  • Pineapple Ice 

  • Tropical Fruits

Purple Edition Flavours:

  • Blue Razz Cherry

  • Fizzy Cherry 

  • Grape Ice

  • Plum Blue Razz 

Cherry Edition Flavours:

  • Fizzy Cherry

  • Blue Razz Cherry

  • Lemon Cherry Ice

  • Cherry Peach Lemonade

Banana Edition Flavours:

  • Banana Pineapple Coconut Ice

  • Banana Ice

  • Banana Strawberry Blueberry

  • Banana Orange Ice

Pineapple Edition Flavours:

  • Pineapple Banana Strawberry

  • Pineapple Passion Fruit

  • Pineapple Peach Mango

  • Pineapple Ice

Coffee Edition Flavours:

  • Hazel Espresso

  • Coconut Coffee Cream

  • Velvet Vanilla Coffee

  • Caramel Coffee

Fruit Edition Flavours:

  • Blueberry

  • Grape

  • Mango

  • Watermelon

Mint Edition Flavours:

  • Snow Mint

  • Spearmint

  • Strawberry Mint

  • Classic Strawberry

Fizzy Edition Flavours:

  • Fizzy Cherry

  • Fizzy Orange

  • Fizzy Lemon

  • Fizzy Cola

Berry Edition Flavours:

  • Berry Lemonade Ice

  • Blue Razz Cherry

  • Strawberry Raspberry Cherry

  • Strawberry Raspberry Ice

Strawberry Edition Flavours:

  • Strawberry Ice

  • Strawberry Kiwi

  • Strawberry Watermelon Ice

  • Strawberry Raspberry Ice

Plum Edition Flavours:

  • Plum Blue Razz

  • Plum Cherry

  • Plum Pomegranate

  • Plum Raspberry

Lemon Edition Flavours:

  • Lemon & Lime

  • Lemon Ice

  • Lemon Cherry Passionfruit

  • Lemon Tangerine Ice

Tobacco Edition Flavours:

  • Creamy Tobacco

  • Sweet Tobacco

  • Creamy Tobacco

  • Sweet Tobacco




  1. Q: Can I recharge the IVG 2400 Puffs Disposable Vape Pod Pen?

   - A: No, the IVG 2400 is designed as a disposable vape pen with a non-rechargeable battery, offering hassle-free use without the need for charging.


  1. Q: How long does the battery last on the IVG 2400?

   - A: The 1500mAh battery provides enough power for up to 2400 puffs, ensuring long-lasting performance throughout the device's lifespan.


  1. Q: Is the IVG 2400 environmentally friendly?

   - A: Yes, the IVG 2400 is 75% more environmentally friendly than standard disposable vapes, as it reduces plastic and battery waste.


  1. Q: Can I refill the IVG 2400 with e-liquid?

   - A: No, the IVG 2400 is a disposable vape pod pen designed for one-time use, and it cannot be refilled with e-liquid.


  1. Q: Is the IVG 2400 suitable for beginners?

   - A: Absolutely, the IVG 2400 is perfect for beginners and experienced users alike, offering a user-friendly draw-activated mechanism and a long-lasting vaping experience.


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